Data Warehousing

Enterprise-level data warehouses are capable of uniting all of your critical data in one location with efficient retrieval giving you access to a single source of truth that will fuel your long-term growth.

Aspect makes your data work for your business, delivering consolidated, normalized, and accessible data ready for business analytics and long-term growth strategies.

We Architect Unifying Enterprise Data Warehouses for Efficient Data Retrieval 

Aspect helps businesses address their growing data management needs with comprehensive data warehousing services, provided by reliable IT experts with industry best practice knowledge.

We  do the heavy lifting, placing all the data you need to make business decisions into one consolidated location, and streamlining your infrastructure and hosting decisions into a process that works best for your business, whether on-site or in the Cloud.

We utilize a load framework that is flexible and scalable, growing as your data needs to grow, and we validate data as it is loaded from each source, using smart logic to detect, match, and merge with the correct master record.

Aspect can help you get to the next level of data availability that modern businesses need, unlocking your ability to strategize and make better data-driven decisions.

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  • Data Warehouse Architecture & Design
  • Master Data Management Implementation
  • ETL Design and Development
  • Data Source Integration & Normalization
  • On Premise, Hybrid, or Cloud Configurations
  • On Premise to Cloud Migrations
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When Should I Move to a Data Warehouse?

There is no standard for if or when you need to build a data warehouse, and Aspect understands that every business will need to independently assess their data accessibility needs.

Aspect reviews a number of business operations to determine if a data warehouse will help your business better meet your operational analysis goals:

  • Is your business struggling to review analytics? Are the speed and/or reliability of these analytics inhibiting forward-looking decision-making inside your organization?

  • Do you routinely encounter scenarios where separate data sources report conflicting data?  

  • Is your business struggling with matching customer or product data across different data sources? 

  • Is your business leveraging 3 or more SaaS platforms for analytics? Or has your business avoided adding necessary or desired SaaS platforms to avoid creating data conflicts?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you should absolutely start considering a data warehousing solution for your business.

We can help you migrate to a data warehouse at the right time and with the speed necessary to make the transition painless and minimally disruptive.

Our Data Warehouse Solution Will Improve:

Business Intelligence: Data warehouses ensure that users have access to information from all your data-generating sources on a single platform, enabling more detailed, complex, and accurate analytics with historical context from layered datasets. 

Data Quality: By unifying data within a data warehouse, you’re creating a single source of truth through which you can guide strategies.

Scalability:  Data warehouses are built to scale and handle large query demands, for efficient data mining. 

Aspect data warehouses are an effective way to store, manage, and analyze data. 

Case Studies

See how our custom solutions help our clients succeed.

DWH Increases Analytical Power Across Omni Channel Marketing 

Aspect utilized its quick-start framework to load tactical engagement data across all of the client's marketing channels and vendors, and centralizing the data into a single private cloud-hosted asset.  With all data merged and cross referenced, the client gained the ability to easily measure campaign success and make more agile decisions.

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Centralized Sales DWH Streamlines Sales Operations Activities

With an exciting new product launch close at hand, the business quickly needed a more automated method to import and analyze sales data needed to manage day-to-day sales operations across 20+ vendors and internal data sources.  Aspect was engaged to provide a SQL Server based DWH with master data management to store all incoming data sources in structures designed for efficient retrieval.

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