IT Solutions for Pharmaceuticals

Providing Technology Solutions that Optimize Pharmaceutical Operations

We're experts at helping you better access and utilize your data. 

With over 30 years of specialized IT expertise in the pharmaceutical space, we understand the unique data processing needs, and how to best augment the enterprise systems that run your business. Our solutions specifically match your business and analytic needs and allow you to:


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  • BI, Data Analytics & Visualization
  • Custom Software Development
  • Database Administration & Monitoring
  • Data Cleansing & Master Data Management
  • Data Discovery
  • Data Integration & ETL
  • Data Warehousing
  • Enterprise Application Support
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Data Solutions
Let Aspect make your data work HARDER for your LIFE SCIENCE BUSINESS

With comprehensive data solutions from data cleansing to data warehousing and analytical reporting, we can help fuel your long term growth by giving you the ability to make better data-driven decisions. 

Launching a new product, or managing the sales and logistics across a portfolio of branded or generic products? We can consolidate all the data you need into one data warehouse, ready for analytical reporting. You gain the ability to better measure sales effectiveness, track the patient journey, and monitor your supply chain, giving you the power of actionable insight.

Struggling to integrate HCP marketing engagement data across all of your campaigns and vendors? We can merge all of your data into one repository, and deliver reporting so that you can fine tune and measure the success of your marketing campaigns.

Need a more automated way to integrate data from multiple clinical research organizations?  We work with you and your vendors to standardize data formats and load the data, and then develop the analytical reporting to keep better track of your clinical study outcomes.

It's your data.  Let Aspect help you harness it. 

Software Solutions
nothing on the market that works for your business? Aspect will build THE Software Solution You Need

From architecture and design to development and deployment, let Aspect put in place a custom software solution in that fully addresses your specific business needs and reduces your manual processes from hours to minutes.

Have a manual process that your current ERP, CRM, or Contract Management system does not do, or does not do well? We have the expertise to create a custom application that integrates with your current systems and improves processing end-to-end.

Need to better identify customers, manage quality initiatives, automate sales forecasting and price analysis, or manage sales coaching efforts?  We specialize in the development of stand-alone, web-enabled software solutions designed to automate your pharmaceutical business processes and dramatically improve efficiency.

Let Aspect design a solution for you that caters to your specific challenges right now, without compromise.

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Database Administration
Prevent disruptionS to your critical business systems - let ASPECT run your DATABASE environment.

We provide expert database administration and 24/7 remote monitoring services. Our team of DBA's make sure your data environment is optimized, supportable and recoverable, so you can trust your data availability and recovery requirements.

Are you certain your database backups ran successfully last night?  Let our monitoring put your mind at ease. We can act quickly and efficiently to assure your data environment is protected.

Experiencing a stubborn performance issue? Our DBAs are well-versed in tuning databases that support the systems pharmaceutical companies rely on, and are expert at implementing strong optimization strategies.

Need to free your internal IT staff for more mission critical business initiatives?  Our DBAs are available on demand to perform regular maintenance and remediation.

Let Aspect ensure the smooth operation of the databases your business depends on.  

Case Studies

See how our custom solutions help our pharmaceutical clients succeed.

Stabilized Pharma DB Environment 

After years of expansion and high DBA turnover, the client, a leading pharmaceutical company in the US, needed to take greater steps to ensure that critical data was protected and access to its application servers was not interrupted.  Aspect was engaged to stabilize the environment.  Aspect was able to reduce the number of servers by 20%, and implemented monitoring that detected missed backups and out of range file growth, impacting stability. 

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Centralized Sales DWH Streamlines Sales Operations Activities

With an exciting new product launch close at hand, the business quickly needed a more automated method to import and analyze sales data needed for day-today sales operations across 20+ vendor and internal data sources.  Aspect was engaged to provide the solution.

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