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BYOD: Is Your Policy Good Enough?

Bring Your Own Device: While the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept is not new, in recent years, it has become increasingly more popular than it was back in 2005 when the term was first coined, or...

13 July 2022

General Technology
Avoid Hackers: Upgrade Technology for Better Security

Upgrade Technology Many of today’s data breaches are a result of hacking. This number is astoundingly high and in the past two years has significantly risen. While it may be scary to know that...

01 June 2022

General Technology
Keeping Your Technology Updated for Best Performance

Update Your Technology We all know how fast technology changes. Look at how quickly new cell phones are released one after another. The same is true for household items such as televisions and...

20 May 2022

General Technology
How Does 5g Look in the Future?

A 5g Future? Let’s travel back to the dial-up days when it took so long to connect to the internet that you could barely sit still. We’d twiddle our thumbs, tap our feet anxiously, and stare at the...

04 May 2022

General Technology
How You Can Scale with AI

How can I use AI? We use AI in our daily lives in various ways. Major corporations that we interact with everyday have managed to incorporate the use of AI into websites and apps in ways that seem...

27 April 2022

Higher Education
Game Theory as it Pertains to Higher Education

Game Theory Game theory is such a useful tool in every aspect of its capabilities. For teachers, the use of such a tool enables strategic lesson planning which can be extremely useful in holding the...

21 April 2022

Tips & Tricks
Tips for a Successful Video Interview in 2022

Congratulations! You Have a Video Interview. Congratulations on your new employment journey! If you’re here, we’ll assume you’re either searching for a new position or you have already scored an...

17 March 2022

Entities, Attributes, Relationships And More

Designing a Database   Entities The Type of Information saved in a database is separated into entities. Entities can be people, events locations, and even things. If it doesn't fit into one of these...

10 March 2022

Designing a Database for Better Performance

6 Steps to Design a Database Interestingly, when designing a database, much of the hard work is in the planning stages long before physically working with a database management system (DBMS)....

03 March 2022

Database Administration
Do This Before Designing a Database

Intro to Database Design Welcome to our "Intro to Database Design" series! In this first article, our goal is simply to cover the basics. While you may know much or all of this information, let's...

16 February 2022

Database Administration
Database Server Consolidation

Reduce Operational Costs and Optimize Your Environment: Continually evolving businesses (e.g., entering new markets, mergers, and acquisitions), coupled with high DBA-turnover rate can quickly result...

19 July 2021

Higher Education
The Top 5 Important Factors of Instructional Design for eLearning

Instructional Design for eLearning Imagine sitting through a class or taking a course and later realizing that you didn't learn any of what you needed to know. Perhaps it was the wrong class, or...

24 June 2021

Dashboard Design Trends 2022

Dashboard Design Trends Each dashboard tells a unique story that offers users the opportunity to monitor which key performance indicators (KPIs) are working and which need more attention. A dashboard...

02 June 2021

Importance of Forecasting in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Forecasting in Pharma Proper planning and accurate forecasting in the pharmaceutical industry are vital, and skipping this step can cost pharmaceutical companies countless hours and billions of...

02 June 2021

The Challenge of Forecasting in Pharma

Forecasting in Pharma Forecasts are pretty valuable in any industry. However, in the pharmaceutical industry, accurate forecasting can be particularly challenging to achieve. In previous years,...

25 May 2021

Tips & Tricks
SQL Tips and Tricks: Find All Query

Find All Query The Problem Your boss has asked you to make changes to an application that will affect an MS SQL Server database, and first needs to know the impact analysis of those changes before...

27 November 2020

Understanding the Software Development Life Cycle

Software Development Life Cycle The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a process that seeks to help developers produce the highest quality software with the lowest cost in the shortest time...

23 January 2020

Tips & Tricks
Using SQL Server Client Network Utility to Determine the Name of Your SharePoint Application Database

SQL Server Client Network Utility The Problem: SharePoint is, of course, a monster of an application platform with many configuration quirks.  As a DBA supporting a content database utilized by a...

21 November 2018

Tips & Tricks
Collect Cross-Environment Statistics Using Simple Powershell Process

Using Simple Powershell Processes Your DBA is receiving complaints about a slow server at random periods throughout the week.  How do you assess the environment and troubleshoot performance issues at...

14 November 2018

Tips & Tricks
Tips for Interviewers: Creating a Telephone Interview Script for Successful, Consistent Interviewing

Do You Have to Inteview Someone? Telephone interviews are an easy, time-saving way to screen candidates.  Developing a script or template for interviewing will make conducting telephone screens even...

28 September 2018

Tips & Tricks
Tips for a Successful Phone Interview: Be Prepared

You Have an Interview! Congratulations!  Scoring a telephone interview means you have made it to the pool of promising applicants.  While a telephone interview sounds like it’s easy, there is an art...

30 March 2018

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